About Us

India is facing a different challenge than rest of the the world. While we produce the most number of digitally literate workforce, the academic community is struggling to keep up with technology and effectively deploying such interventions.

The divide is not just digital but demographic too.

We may be the second largest users of MOOCs but the challenge is about harnessing the potential of MOOCs and technology in line to the social demands.

We are producing engineers in large numbers but only half of them are employable. Industries are clamouring about the need for better skills but there is dirth of opportunities. Not that opportunities are less but essentially training the right resource for the right job is essential for economic balance.

One example: We have more engineers than diplomas which has created social imbalance with skills, competency, costs and above all dignity of labour.

Change needs to be holistic that takes care of multiple facets. Today we embark on this new mission to bridge the true 'digital divide' and we intend to create the loop in entirety from education thru employability.

Join us in our march to transform learning, teaching, innovation, employability and research using technology at its best but with least complexity that will connect academia, students, researchers and industry in a game changing exercise that is inclusive by nature for technology migrants and technology natives.

We offer end to end technology driven solutions to academic institutions and connect them to industry. We touch every nerve in the life cycle of an academic institute.

We are Bridge People Technologies. Work with us and experience true partnership.

  • Technology based learning
  • eLearning Technologies
  • Digital Library Solutions
  • Smartclass Solutions
  • Curriculum Based Content Solutions
  • Skill Development Programs
  • Employability Oriented Training Solutions
  • Bespoke Content Solutions
  • Managed Learning Delivery
  • End to End Technology Consulting